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Utah College ID Me Camp Open (June 17-19)

College ID Me is pleased to announce the Utah Camp has opened for registration. In conjunction with Utah Sports Lodge the Ice Breaker Tournament this past February, a camp will be held in Riverton, UT at the Sports Lodge on between June 17-19, 2018. 

Camp will run Sunday 17, June for all players and parents who are participating in the camp. The camp is designed as an educational experience for all players, parents and coaches attending with a focus on learning more about the opportunities for continued playing as a student athlete in college. 

Our goal is to provide each participant (player, parent, coach) with a valuable 3 days of training, small sided games, education, and informative presentations on the pathway to college. 

In attendance at the camp will be current and former coaches from DI, DII, NJCAA, and NAIA. Additionally, we will have our Speed - Agility - Quickness coach on staff to educate and run a series of exercises for all camp attendees. 

At the conclusion of camp, all attendees will receive:

  • Detailed Player Evaluation
  • Pathway to College Presentation
  • Recruiting Rules and College Division Presentation
  • College "Game Report" Identification 
  • Financial Planning Presentation

This camp will be limited to 50 players due to the desired program outline. To register click here.

Camp details can be found here. 

College ID Me - How It Works For You!

Our programs have been designed to work in conjunction with tournaments and soccer events within soccer clubs and youth organizations. 

Playing a sport in college can be a pathway for future success as well as leave ever lasting memories for the student athlete once graduated. With over 1000 institutions providing sport programs within the United States, there are many opportunities for a potential student athlete to gain placement for competing at the collegiate level.

However, the recruiting road and finding a good fit for both a students desired area of study, matched with their wishes in regards to their sporting experience can be overwhelming. 

Our goal at College ID Me is to provide education and evaluation to both the potential student athlete and parents, followed by guidance and continued support through our pathway designed specifically for the individual.

If you would like to learn more about College ID Me and how we can add value to your tournament, camp, or club event contact us today.

Utah College ID Me Camp

Dates: June 17 - 19

Venue: Utah Sports Lodge - Riverton, UT

Camp Information

Registration Today

Panathinaikos Showcase to Host College ID Me Camp

Panathinaikos Soccer Schools' College Showcase is a must play event for any player who wishes to excel at the next level. Our approach to the College Showcase will excite players, coaches and parents!

The Panathinaikos College Showcase will integrate a College ID Camp and College Seminar on Friday prior to the showcase games, both the College ID Camp and College Seminar will be led by college coaches from around the country.

For more information and to register for camp visit here.

College ID Me adds GIT events to schedule

College ID Me is pleased to announce that we will be working with The Adidas Germantown Invitational Tournament this coming December. 

Prior to both the boys and girls tournament we will be offering a one day evaluation camp, educational seminar and college game report presentation. 

The camp is open to all players, teams and local players, even if your team is not participating in the tournament, you can attend our camp. We will have our College ID Me staff onsite for the entire weekend and also guest coaches from all avenues of the college game.

For more information and to register for camp visit GIT Camp or go to Register for Camp option at the top of page.

We look forward to having you join us!


The College Program Teams up with College ID Me

College ID Me is pleased to announce that The College Program has joined the team for the up and coming camp season. 


"This is a natural fit of two organizations who mirror each other in their objective of helping potential student athletes" said Technical Director Craig Scriven. "For us to be able to present families with not only an evaluation of their playing ability, but a detailed report of their academic profile, it creates a very exciting and rewarding program."


The College Program focuses on all families and all students. The cost of college and the plethora of options can become overwhelming with families struggling to find the right college for their child. And more significantly, families are sending their children to schools that do not provide a realistic post-graduate outlook. 


"We believe that if every family could see their options, they would make the right choice for their family, their child and particularly, for their child's post-graduate experience” Founder Tim Twellman said. “Passionate, devoted and committed to creating social change, The College Program will change the college outlook for all families. We believe in the power of family and more importantly, in creating awareness and communication within all homes.”